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Escapism Is an indie electronic duo, based at the top of the Carmel Mountain of Israel since 2020.

We play and explore electronic beats, synth and sounds.

Inspired by 90’s trip hop vibe and influenced by artists as Portishead, Massive Attack, UNKLE and Radiohead


Shay Asheri

Lyrics, vocals, keyboards

Shahar Beeri

Music Producer, guitarist, keyboards

Shahar Beeri and Shay Asheri are a team in all aspects – they are partners in their personal life, business ventures and music creations. Additionally, they both work as professional offline movie editors. Furthermore, they also independently produce their own music videos.


Our Presskit package includes promotional materials, high-resolution images and our logo.

If you mention us in your blog/channel please let us know!



In 2023 we’ve released 5 singles:

Bring Them Home

Outer Space

how low


Storm Remix by Feller


And we have new tunes coming up soon.


During 2022 we’ve released 3 singles:

No Distractions plz 

Screen junkies 

Getting older 

And one cover song for The White Stripes  – 7 Nation Army 


In 2021 the first EP No Way Out was released 

The intro track ‘No way Out’ was chosen by Samsung to lead their campaign for the Gen Z  headphones commercial 

The campaign was called ‘way out’, Based on the song


While being under lockdown 

They found Escape by making music 

Exploring sounds and emotions 

Writing and finding shelter in expression 

This is the project of ESCAPISM – אסקפיזם

In a tiny home studio at a top of a green mountain out looking the sea they are creating and recording their music and tunes.